As a parent, I’m sure you want to make sure your child obtains the best possible education while avoiding any frustrations, right? Since the breakout of the coronavirus two years ago, this has not been the case for most parents.

Students in various parts of the world were forced to adapt to complete the majority, if not all, of their learning at home with little or no assistance. 

The idea was that parents would help them with their school assessments and tasks, but let’s face it, parents aren’t best suited to do so, especially given that they have their jobs to attend to.

While schools have been inventive in ensuring that children do not miss out on any learning by providing online classes, there is still a huge gap that they may have overlooked. 

According to surveys, because there was no interaction between the teacher and the children, this had a particularly negative impact on students who had just started high school (Grades 8-10). 

These are the most crucial grades – they define a student’s high school career, therefore excelling in them is essential.

They had just been passively receiving information without really understanding the work given to them.

As a means to bridge the gap, Lightbulb Edtech in partnership with Telkom offers a platform where students can have access to live interactive classes rather than passively receiving information. 

No two learners are the same, during a live session a tutor is able to explain things according to different students, depending on the concerns they may raise. 

Taking part in live classes also encourages students to think critically and be active in their studies.  Students are able to communicate with the tutor which will ultimately lead to better academic results.

The live classes are handled by registered tutors and are accessible anytime anywhere as long there’s a mobile device and internet connection.

For more information, you can go onto the Lightbulb Edtech website or email:

By: Sarah Egerton