Lightbulb is a solution we designed with the education sector in mind, although it is highly customisable to suit the various needs of different knowledge based organisations.
Nonetheless we have comprised a list to specifically assist teachers on how to make the best use of this ground breaking application. As a means of allowing each teacher to post their own learning material to tablets that students own.
And also allowing central and efficient management of content distribution to students; customized intelligence reports on content usage e.g. a teacher will be able to generate reports that show which content the students are spending the most time on.

Step 1: Create An Account/ Logon Onto Registered Account

Step 2: View Student Registrations

Step 3: Create List of the Different Subjects Offered

Step 4: Create A Subject and Assign A Teacher

Step 5: Add Content To Subject

Step 6: Select The File Type Of Content

Step 7: Create An Assessment

Step 8: View Report

By: Tshwanelo Fokazi

Image: TalkingNewMedia, DevOps, Vargatex