About Us: Learning Management Systems

Who we are

Lightbulb Education, a leading Learning Management System (LMS) and Solutions provider.

Firstly, we offer quality education and training solutions for users online. Furthermore, we strive to ensure that we provide technology solutions that are of the highest standard. Lightbulb also offers Learning Management Systems that are user-friendly, customizable and interactive (namely interactive videos).

Finally, our EdTech solutions and services, through the advent of the internet and mobile technology, allow subject matter experts and trainers to reach and teach any user regardless of geographic location.

To summarize, our mission is to provide mechanisms for truly innovative, quality and result-orientated teaching and training services.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide mechanisms for quality, innovative, and result-orientated teaching and training services.

By allowing subject matter experts and trainers the ability to educate and train their users with ease, they can navigate hurdles that include:

1. Logistics
2. Cost
3. Time
4. Administration
5. Scalability

To ensure schools, companies, and industries maintain their competitive edge, they need to ensure their workforce/learners maintain high levels of education, skills, and productivity. With Lightbulb, schools or companies can guarantee quick and easy delivery of effective training to their learners/workforce from anywhere in the world.

Where We Started


We are truly focused on providing advanced teaching regimes that incorporate current technology and E-learning (Electronic Learning) strategies. Therefore ensuring each student even gets the maximum support provided because our systems allow for continuous access to the relevant material from nearby or anywhere in the world.


Through technology we allow our students to interact with their peers, trainers, tutors and lecturers to ensure their areas of concern are indeed resolved in a timely manner. Briefly, this interaction both in a one on one or group setting allows for the students to be aware of related topic discussions that, of course, might be of assistance to the student. 

Active Users


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Our Skills

Our team and employees come with a wide variety of skills from fields of Engineering, Accounting, Business Development, Computer Science, Finance, Learning Management Systems and more.

  • Software Development 100% 100%
  • Problem Solving 90% 90%
  • Content Management 85% 85%
  • Communication 75% 75%