HolonIQ 2020 Africa EdTech 50

Lightbulb Education teams up with Telkom

Lightbulb Education’s Assessment Solution Improve Maths and Science Results

Assessments New results with our Mathematics and Science tutoring programs show improved results with students performance in their respective classes. By focussing on the areas students struggle with, we have formulated a comprehensive methodology, which if followed shows increased understanding of the subject matter and students test performance. To learn more please contact us. info@lightbulbeducation.co.za

8 Step-by-Step Guide on How Teachers Can Use The Lightbulb Application

Lightbulb is a solution we designed with the education sector in mind, although it is highly customisable to suit the various needs of different knowledge based organisations. Nonetheless we have comprised a list to specifically assist teachers on how to make the best use of this ground breaking application. As a means of allowing each […]

Could Digital Education and Educational Apps Change The Eastern Cape’s Pass Rate?

Multi-award winning science journalist, Sarah Wild’s research trip to Cofimvaba in the Eastern Cape was part of the information-gathering aspect of her book that will be published by the Gordon Institute of Business Science and Pan McMillian South Africa Prescribed tablets. This book she is working on is a project about 26 rural schools that […]

Textbook publishing giants, Via Afrika Publishers, take digital route too…

For almost one hundred years Via Afrika Publishers has been providing South African schools with textbooks. However in 2013 they took a different route. Instead of solely printing textbook copies. “We decided about three years ago, after looking at what was taking place in the world, that e-learning was an important direction to go in,” […]

6 Ways the LightBulb Application Can Prepare Rural Students For a 21st Century Society

Vargatex developed the LightBulb application (app) intending to impact our nations, and continents, ailing education system. It is customizable to suit both educators and students. It is undeniable that an innovative mobile solution such as this platform, which uses the latest technology, can achieve a holistic learning experience for students who get the bad end […]