Champions Mentor Programme: Wentworth KZN

Champions Mentor Programme is a programme developed by parents of learners in Umbilo Secondary School. The community in Wentworth, Durban saw that their once well-performing school was decreasing in grade 12 pass rates over the last few years and decided to take action to turn this situation around. With the help of the Umbilo Champion programme, the overall pass rate increased from 75.3 % in 2014 to 82.32 % in 2015 in addition to an increase in the quality of passes attained. All this was done with an amazing feat by parents of Umbilo Secondary School actively mentoring and raising over R85 000 for private tutoring.
Whilst they hope to achieve an even greater success in 2016 with the overall quantity and quality of grade 12 passes, they also acknowledge that there are still gaps and challenges which they face.



Learners attending Umbilo Secondary school are faced with many influences shaping their environment around them, which may potentially influence their development negatively. The Wentworth area, has an increased prevalence of unemployment, crime, domestic violence, single-parent homes re-constituted families, poverty, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, gangsterism and teenage pregnancy are some of these issues that are faced by our learners. Parents and members of the Wentworth community are determined that all these circumstances will not impact the future of their Community – the learners in Wentworth. The Umbilo Champions Programme is an amazing effort by parents of the area who have created a holistic change in the lives of the learners. See this video on the Umbilo Champions Programme and their efforts for sustainable change in their community:

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Bringing Lightbulb Education to Umbilo Secondary School will only assist the already great efforts by the parents of Umbilo Champions Programme.

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