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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lightbulb?

It is a digital Learning Management System LMS.

What is a LMS?

It is a system that allows students connect with subject matters experts (SMEs) and access digital resources.

Support Included?

Yes, we have a support team available through the following

phone: +27 87 012 5274

Email: su*****@li****************.za

Is Lightbulb only for schools?

No, Lightbulb Education platform can be used to teach or train virtually any skill that can be shared between two or more people. Like farming techniques, hospitality training , health & safety and more.

What happens if I exceed the number of allocated users?

You will receive a notification about exceeding the number of users, and new users will not be able to log in.

Can I get the LMS for a custom number of users?

Yes. If you have  greater than 100 users and our plans don′t fit your requirements, contact us. We will find a special solution for you.

Are there additional costs?

All costs are listed in the pricing plans, except for custom setups which are determined after sales discussions.

Can we run the platform on the local network server of the company?

Our platform can be installed on the client’s premises or a cloud server, thus giving you full control over the applications and data.

Are tablet and mobile app compatible with iOS and Android?

Lightbulb Education is optimized to work with any browser on any device. And there native apps for both iOS and Android.

How does Lightbulb Messenger work?

The Lightbulb messenger allows you to chat directly with instructors and experts that are online. You can also chat to your peers via the group chatrooms.

Are there any limits in terms of data creation?

No limits on data creation

How many licenses are given for a single purchase?

50 licenses

What is the average delivery time?

Delivery times depend on features taken for the Apps. From 1 to 4 weeks to develop.

Is there an annual fee for updates?

No annual fee for updates

What is the support and maintenance plan?

Support and maintenance included in monthly fee. With support being 24/7 and weekly offsite maintenance.

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