Meet The Team

Combining our expertise, we ensure support and convenience are at the top of our list of priorities, guaranteeing we keep our clients at the heart of our operation.

Our dedicated team has over forty years of experience within a variety of fields, ranging from Engineering, Accounting, Business Development, Computer Science, Finance, Operations and Marketing.

The founder of Lightbulb 


Allan Mushabe

CEO & Founder

Responsible for overseeing the development and distribution of technology within Lightbulb.

Victor Mushabe

Chief Technology Officer

Ajith Sebastian

Head of Business Development & Strategy

From customer support to operational tasks, Megan’s daily program involves a bit of everything.

Megan Groenewald

Head of Operations

Experienced Full Stack Web Developer. Loves to tackle new challenges and absorbing new skill sets

Francois Viljoen

Full Stack Developer

Sarah Egerton

Head of Marketing & PR

Her role includes business acceleration and directing communications within the company.

Melandi Booyens

Business Development Executive

Zander is the creative power behind our graphics for marketing.


Zander Henderson

Graphic Designer

Consultants / Advisors

Founded and ran the first Education Technology dedicated incubator in Africa, Injini

Over 10 years of experience in strategy consulting (6 years), education policy & government (3 years), and founding and running a startup (2.5 years).


Jamie Martin

Strategy Advisor

Founder of Smart Generation Invest.

Sofie Källström

Business Strategist