Matric Catch Up Program B


Mathematics and Physical Science Catch -Up Program: 2 Subject

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Program Includes:

Videos of past paper examples.
Summarised Notes
Digital Assessments on all the work covered.
Ask questions at any time online.
Live Chat sessions with tutors and lecturers. (3 Hour per week).
Focused Sessions on subject topics.

Mathematics and Physical Science

Week  Topics
Mathematics  Physical Science
1 Sequences and Series Mechanics (Momentum/Projectile Motion)
2 Functions Organic Molecules
3 Finance Work, Energy, Power
4 Trigonometry Doppler Effect/Optics
5 Polynomials Rate of Reactions
6 Differential Calculus Chemical Equilibrium / Acids and Bases
7 Geometry (Analytical and Euclidean) Electric Circuits/Electrodynamics
8 Statistics and Probability Electrochemical Reactions/ Chemical Industry