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Terms and Conditions

a. Tutors must have a thorough understanding of the work that they are tutoring;
b. Tutors must make use of the Lightbulb Platform to communicate with students;
c. All resources must be referenced when used on the Lightbulb platform;
d. Tutors must attempt to respond to students within a 24-hour period. Should they not be able to they must arrange alternative means of service to the students;
e. Tutors are encouraged to market their services on Lightbulb to potential clients;
f. Marketing material can be made available to you upon request;
g. Tutors are encouraged to make their profiles and update their profiles on social media and on our website;


a. Tutors depending on the number of students should work in pairs.
b. Should the tutor student ratio exceed 1-15 a third tutor should be considered.
c. Tutors should create 1 content resource per week.
d. Tutors should create 1 assessment resource per week.
e. Tutors should review students monthly using the review section of the platform.
f. Tutors are encouraged to rate student questions on the blog.



This service shall be in effect from date of activation on Lightbulb until 30/November/2016 or until such time as either party notifies the other party of its termination in writing. Upon expiry, these services can be renewed or extended by mutual agreement of both parties.


Media liaising in a way that may impact on the Company, without the knowledge and consultation of the Company, is prohibited and in the event that you receive offers from media groups to profile your experience with the Company or provide Client information, consultation of and approval from the Company is required.

Termination of the service

Both the Company and the Tutor shall give each other One (1) calendar months’ notice of termination of this services.

You hereby agree that the Company may terminate this service with immediate effect if:

  1. a) You commit a serious or material breach of any of your obligations in this Agreement;
  2. b) You repeatedly commit minor breaches of obligations under this Agreement;
  3. c) You act in such a way so as to discredit the Company;
  4. d) You have been found guilty of any criminal offence (other than ordinary traffic offences);
  5. e) You engage in any inappropriate conduct with a Student;
  6. f) You expose a Student to any inappropriate material or information, the kind that the Company and/or the Client will disapprove of;
  7. g) You cause financial loss to the Company;
  8. h) You, through your actions or inactions, lead to the withdrawal of Clients from the Company.

Both parties appreciate the importance of a good personal understanding between the Tutor and the Students. Accordingly, if there are persistent complaints by Clients about you, after due consideration and hearing your side, the Company shall reserve the right to terminate this service with immediate effect.

In the event of termination of this Agreement further to any of clauses herein, you acknowledge that you will be liable for any costs or expenses directly or indirectly incurred, any liability or damages faced by the Company, and any action taken by the Company in this regard.


Notwithstanding each party’s general right to damages and that damages may not prove sufficient remedy in the event of breach by the Tutor of any terms of this agreement, the Tutor specifically warrants and undertakes to indemnify the Company for any and all damage, loss, expenses or loss of business suffered by the Company as a direct consequence of breach of any terms hereof, including any legal costs and expenses associated with the recovery of such damages by the Company. These include any direct and indirect losses arising both from breach of contract and from any act committed by the Tutor during the provision of the Services.


You covenant and agree at all times during and after your provision of the Services or any work done on behalf of the Company to keep secret and not disclose to others or appropriate to your own use or the use of others secret or confidential information or knowledge pertaining to the business affairs and operations of the Company, including but not limited to study material, teaching methods, trade know-how, trade secrets, client lists, student list, information about other tutor(s) engaged by the Company, information about any Client(s) and their family/ies, pricing policies, operational methods, marketing plans or strategies, future plans, and business acquisition and/or expansion plans. This clause is subject to the proviso, however, that any disclosure compelled by law or legal process does not constitute a breach or violation of this clause, and neither shall any information be deemed confidential or secret for purposes of this Agreement if it is generally known in the industry.

Tutor Warranties

You warrant that all information provided by you to the Company whether prior to or during the provision of your services is true and accurate in all respects. You have represented that you are skilled and fit to teach the subjects as per the Curriculum Vitae you provided to the Company. Any breach of this clause shall entitle the Company to terminate your Services immediately.

Thank you for time and cooperation.